Cotton India Fabric Guide

Cotton India's Percale and Sateen bedding is manufactured using the finest long-staple Combed Cotton, A process called Singeing is done with precision to remove all impurities and dyed naturally and Printed in a process that surpasses the highest safety and environmental protection standards.

What is Percale?

Our Percale weave is most easily comparable to the perfect white button-down: Crisp, clean and livable. It becomes softer as it’s laundered.

Its tightly woven weave – accomplished in a classic one-thread-over-one-under fashion – gives the fabric a simple, matte finish while providing ultra breathability. Cool to the touch, Percale fabric is perfect for all seasons and is especially forgiving during the tropical summer months.

What is Sateen?

Sateen is a more lustrous. The weave structure – four-over-one-under – gives this material the sheen and drape of satin with the comfort and durability of our world-class cotton. Ultra smooth to the touch, Sateen fabric feels luxurious against your skin and comfortable. It gives a snug feel.

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